Coronavirus: Is Closing Of Church Services A Sign Of Faithlessness ?

For those who think that closing of church services by Pastor Joel Osteen, bishop TD Jakes and others is a reflection of faithlessness, excuse me. Wait until you get into that position where your decision affects the lives of millions accross different demography. Wait until you get into that position where your actions represent the move of an institution.
Wait until you get into a place where you need to balance wisdom and faith.

The best we can do in this season is to pray and trust that the manifold wisdom of God through the Church be made manifest.
Most of these young guys that shout about revival have no clue of what revival is. Being sarcastic in presenting spiritual matters is show of immaturity. Playing into every trending issue doesn’t make anyone trendy. Munching into issues with unbalanced scale is unjust.

Most of these folks that pick on spiritual fathers are spiritually ignorant.
Paul was whisked away at one time as precaution measure.
Jesus hid Himself from the mob often.
God adviced Mary and Joseph to run out of Bethlehem with baby Jesus…imagine that.

The apostles hid in the house of Mary because of threats to pray. Acts 12
In John 20: 19, Jesus appeared to the disciples where they assembled for fear of Jews…..even if the decision was taken out of fear, you are not Jesus neither are you HolyGhost.

He appears in our fears.
The night the Spirit of death invaded Egypt in the last plague of Exodus, God told everyone to get in their homes and carryout the prophet instruction by Moses.
Praying from different points could be a whispered divine strategy.

Persecution has always scattered the Church and gathered her stronger.
You have no clue of the deliberations, consultations and prayers that was sunk in before they came up with that. Considering the enormity of what is on ground, the decision is selfless and right. I salute their wisdom and faith.

Let us all see the handwriting on the wall and know that these are the times of the perplexity of Nations.
The love of many may wax cold but ours will be fired up.
Whether in the auditoriums, caves, on line or in our homes, JESUS IS LORD.

For COVID_19, thou shall proceed no further.

For those in the free region, don’t relax in prayers and supplication for those in the vulnerable regions.

Our prayers goes out to our brethren in the affected region. If from here we meet at His feet, we shall be gathered to worship Him together where neither terrorism, racism, disease, hunger, death, life, pandemic, government policies nor any of such will separate us.

Be of good courage brethren, we have overcome the world
God bless Pastor Joel Osteen
God bless Bishop TD Jakes and all ministers and ministries who are managing this situation.

God bless all the Leaders of the affected Nations.