Poem: Lioness Rise

Wake up from the deserts
Wake up from the prison houses
Wake up from the slums
Wake up from the forest
O ye lioness of Africa
The lioness of Nigeria
The lioness of Europe
The lioness in all the nations of the earth
The move of the Spirit have always been tied to your rising ,
Israel was in darkness for many years until HANNAH arose
The Jews would have been annihilated except that ESTHER arose
You weren’t only designed to carry children, you were designed to carry dimensions, you were designed to carry moves
It was a woman, Kathryn Kulhman who brought us the dimension of intimacy with the Holy Ghost
It was a woman, Maria Woodworth Etter, who brought us the presence evangelism dimension, that Men had encounter into hell and heaven under her words
It was a woman, MacPherson, who restored to us that ancient healing revival
It was a woman, Susanna Wesley, who prayed the two great generals into the kingdom

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Satan knows this and that is why he partnered with you to bring the dimension called SIN into the world
Cos it is given to you to birth dimensions
God knows this, that’s why He also partnered with you to bring SALVATION.
You were the last physical being Jesus spoke to on the cross
You were the first he appeared to in resurrection
Kathryn brought us a dimension
Susan brought us a move
Hannah brought a revival
Esther brought a deliverance
What are you bringing us
Millions are waiting,
Destinies are a stake
That which is lock up in your spirit is our answer
Would we die waiting


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