Peom: King Of The Jungle

Never in my widest dream
Did I dreamt of becoming
The king of the jungle
As in the adventure of my dream
I aimed to soar high
Above the feet level of this earth
Up there my pen flies in the sky
To wing feathers with kings
What more can I say than this
Thanks to the poets and poetess in the jungle
For picking a common poet
To rule the jungle of poetry
In this please I want your support and corporation
Let’s work hand to hand in attaining the same goal
Cause I’m now to resume office as king
Cheers to all writers and lovers of poetry
In unity we stand and in division we fall
Feel free to whisper my wrongs
Cause I’m not born perfect
And that’s why I’m human Am the king of the jungle

Dedicated to all poet and writers

Source: Adeyemi Kehinde.A