Poem: Our Adamic Nature

Please don’t get confused …..
With what you see on the board
It’s the nature of man
Mimicking the self
Adamic nature is that thing
That we can’t do away with
It’s something we’re born with
A label that glues to who we are
Is something from within
That reflect from the inside
To the outside mode of our attitude
Allowing us to prove who we really are in the flesh
It’s a flame that pops in the sky
You don’t have to say who you are
Through the flame in the sky
We could tell of who you are
It’s a seal of character
You can’t hide who you are
Your personality seat to speak of himself
Displaying the real colour of your shadow
Is this thing that need to be uprooted
Some need to change it for better
Not leaving the state of the mind
But to advance in character that really speak good of them
Is this thing that we have to kill
Not judging them for the sweetness it brings
The sweetness could become bitter, it’s not their fault
It’s the being of the flesh
At times what we could do is to pray
As Nothing to changes the fact
Nothing changes the perspectives except prayers
As we pray that God intervenes
Adamic nature is that thing
That’s bestowed from the flesh
Is that thing we can remove
Through learning the character of God
We must learn to manage the self in us
As we pray we must be willing to subdue the Adamic nature
And pray to be perfect on this surface earth
As we daily mirror ourselves without partiality in prayers for perfection.

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